The Kettle Club Loyalty Program

American Kettle is an online shopping boutique that offers shoppers an opportunity to shop across platforms.  Wherever, you find it most convenient, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect look here!

With the Kettle Club, Members who join enjoy perks and exclusive offers via the Kettle Club Loyalty Program and The Kettle Club News by way of earning Ameri Kettle Points.

Not only can you earn points by making purchases, but you can bank points by completing other activities on our website!

Here’s how The Kettle Club Membership works:

Earning Tiers:

• Gold (2% Reward) - For every $1.00 USD spent, 1 point is earned [granted upon any size purchase]

• Silver (6% Reward) - For every $1.00 USD spent, 3 points are earned [minimum lifetime spend of $1,500 to achieve this tier]

• Platinum VIP (10% Reward) - For every $1.00 USD spent earn 5 points [minimum lifetime spend of $5,000 to achieve this tier]

Other Ways to Earn Ameri Kettle Points:

1. Account Registration: Shoppers will receive 100 Ameri Kettle Points when they register for an account at (Shoppers will lose these points when they cancel their account).

2. Referral: Every time you share your referral link (found on your account page) with a friend leading to them signing up with American Kettle AND makes a purchase through our loyalty program, you will earn an additional 20 points. So, accelerate your Membership Status by sharing our site across social media platforms using your referral link. How simple is that? Easy, right? You’ll be a platinum member in no time!

3. The Kettle Club Anniversary Appreciation Event: This Event will apply a 200 point bonus to all Members on their individual Annual Anniversary dates.

4. Bonus Events: From time to time, we will offer Bonus Events for our Members to earn additional points thereby allowing you to graduate through tiers independent of product purchases.

5. Joining The Kettle Club News: When visitors, customers, or Members sign up for The Kettle Club News (our newsletter/and email promotions), you will receive an additional 20 points. Note: You will forfeit these points when you unsubscribe from our mailing list (The Kettle Club News).

Redemption of Points: Kettle Club Members can redeem 50 points for every $1.00 spent (at time of purchase) at any membership level! NoteRedemption will be suspended when and where applicable as they can not be combined with other and current promotions given or chosen at checkout.

Exclusions: Some Sales, Offers, Promotions, Coupons, and other Savings Events will render the usage/redeeming of Ameri Kettle Points ineligible or simply reduce the amount of points earned at that time.  However, your ability to earn Ameri Kettle Points will not be restricted in any of these cases.

• A Bonus Event is defined as a Promotion, Offer, Daily Deal, Flash Sale, or Social Offer.

• An Activity is described as a Social Engagement, Registration, Bonus Event, Kettle Club News Signup, or Referral.

• Points earned are not eligible for use until 24 hours after the purchase/activity that generates the attributed Ameri Kettle Points.

• Ameri Kettle Points expire 60 days after they are awarded, but will continue to be valid until the end of the month they’ve expired in relative to the date of the activity for which they were attributed.

Join today and start filling your wardrobe with dapper, playful, and sophisticated styles at a great value without compromising on quality with American Kettle.

* Program Rules, Earning and Redeeming Rates can change at any time with or without prior notice.

*Rules also apply to international customers.


Join The Kettle Club

Are you stylish and looking for more styles to add to your wardrobe? Look no further! American Kettle has you covered. Join The Kettle Club now and start earning Ameri Kettle Points for use on purchases. *Program Rules, Earning and Redeeming Rates can change at any time with or without prior notice. *Rules also apply to international customers.

Earning and redeeming Ameri Kettle Points

Earns you
Redeems to

Ways you can earn

  • Product Purchase
  • Register an account
  • Refer a friend

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